martes, mayo 26, 2015

Preparing a special sample project

There so many time I don't make samples for major publishers.
In these last two years I've been working hard to improve many weak points while I was taking as many commissions I could do. Lot of projects and stuff.

I want to say a big 'Thank you' to Medikidz publishing, because the 11 comic-books I did for them. I had the opportunity to grow in experience and I had the possibility to work with a great team!

But it's the moment to search another kind of growth.

It's time to proof all the knowledge achieved, time to demonstrate what I can do.

... and yes, I'm totally aware of how hard can be the road I'm gonna take. So many times in the past I tryed...

It's very difficult to stay working 100% as a penciler and illustrator, is a hard career, but I don't regret to be who I am. Is the best thing I did in my whole life and each time I see my face in the mirror I can express how proud I feel.

Well, it is time to work! yeeeehaaaa!

The samples I'm gonna prepare are not the usual 6 to 8 penciled pages samples.
For the moment is the most I can say... hehehe! I'm eeeeevilllll!

But..... Don't say to anybody, and only for your eyes, here is a little sample of what I'm doing


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